focuses entirely on BSM related enhancements

So I installed IE7 beta 2 the other week and noticed they created this web site for all the neat add-ons you can download and plug into IE.   Then I said to myself that Microsoft Business Scorecard Manager needed the same thing!   I’ve developed a lot of great enhancements for BSM and I’ve shared emails with others that have done the same.   So it just made sense to create this web site so you had a good place to get to find great, must have, enhancements to Business Scorecard Manager.  Please checkout and let me know your thoughts.  It is still work in progress like the contact page.

If you have developed an Add-On to BSM, please email me with that information whether it is FREE or you want to turn it into a product for resale. 

Email me with your suggestions.


Patrick Husting

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