Publish your Scorecard to SharePoint with just a couple clicks and everything is configured for you

Using BSM webparts, you can drag and drop them on your SharePoint page, configure them and then preview the page.  But that can take a while if you have complex scorecards with many report view zones or areas.   A lot of BSM developers do not know that you can publish a SharePoint WebPart page with the scorecards and report views already connected with just a few clicks.  Great time saver!   Use the following steps to publish your scorecards quickly.  CFOs just love this feature!

1.  Click on the menu item Tools/Deploy Scorecard/To SharePoint

2. Click the Specify Scorecard on Server button.   This will allow you to specific the exact scorecard you want to publish.  note:  I wish by default it would take the current scorecard that was highlighted in the builder.  Maybe in the next version.

3.  Select your scorecard and click OK

4.  Once you click ok, you are returned to the previous dialog box with the scorecard specified.

5.  Select your scorecard view name.

6.  Give your SharePoint page a name and you can pick a custom layout.

7.  Enter your SharePoint server URL and then select a document library for the WebPart page to be published into.

8.   That’s it, click FINISH and then Internet Explorer will popup and render the new Scorecard page and Report Views for your scorecard viewing pleasure.

Have a good weekend!


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