Migration from Analysis Services 2000 to 2005, it will be painful

On my current project, we have been upgrading to SQL Server 2005.   We found that all the OWC views and nearly all the SQL Reporting Services reports that connected to Analysis Services broke.   You have to go through everyone of your views, reports, bsm workspaces and FIX the connection strings.

THEN, you will need to go into all the Data Views and OWC Views and redo your queries and layouts!!! OUCH!

Nearly all the CUBEs would not process on the upgrade either. I’m still struggling with one of the cubes not processing.  If you are an SSAS05 expert, send me an email, you can make a quick $500 if you can figure out my issue with one Dimension.

This was a really BAD upgrade experience.   If I’m missing something, someone please tell me!

Gezzzzz, just ranting….


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