Installing BSM on a clean machine with SQL Server 2005

Installing Business Scorecard Manager, SQL 2005 on a VPC

From Mauro Cardarelli’s blog (

OK, I spent the better part of today putting together a Virtual PC image of a BSM/SQL’05 installation.  I’ve received a few questions about this configuration and wanted to make sure I got the steps right.  Below are my notes and comments.

1. Created a Virtual PC 2004 Image running under 512MB RAM

2. Installed Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition

3. Applied W2K3 SP1

4. Installed SharePoint Portal Server 2003

5. Applied WSS SP2 and SPS SP2

6. Installed SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition

Few side notes — (1) You CANNOT install SharePoint with SQL’05 Developer Edition… won’t work.  Go with Standard.  (2) The SQL’05 installation throws a warning that “minimum hardware requirements are not met”.  This does not impede the installation but you should note that 512MB is not good enough… (3) The SQL’05 installation that comes down from MSDN is on two cd’s.  The second one includes the Management Studio.  I got messed up when the first cd install finished and I couldn’t find Management Studio (4) While on the subject of installations on a Virtual PC… don’t try the installs from cd.  Copy the files to the main machine file system and share it with the virtual environment.  There are known issues with large installations via cd.

7. Configured SPS to use the SQL instance

8. Created a Portal

(for the BSM pre-requisites)

9. Ran SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services SP4.  This downloaded files to the server.  Found and ran ptsfull.exe

note — if you don’t do this, the BSM server install will fail with a “Microsoft OLE  DB Provider for OLAP Services (MSOLAP) 2000 SP4“ error

10. Installed MSXML 4.0 with SP2

11. Installed ADOMD.NET 8.0

12. Reboot

13. Installed Business Scorecard Manager (Builder and Server)

Works like a charm!

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