Rendering BSM 2005 Scorecards on an ASP.NET page

Grabbed this from Ian’s BLOG:  This is good!   The article discusses how to use Business Scorecard Manager as an ASP.NET control and render outside of SharePoint. A nice bonus feature here is the ability to print the scorecard straight from the control (note that the out of the box experience is to print through SQL Server Reporting Services, this is just another convenient method).


After publishing your scorecard onto the server, we typically deploy our scorecard to SPS/WSS or RS. This sample will allow users to render Scorecards on a ASP.NET page.

The sample has two web pages

  1. Browser.aspx: This page can talk to the BSM WebService and populate the Scorecards and related Scorecard views. You can select a Scorecard and a related scorecard view that can be rendered in the next page ViewScorecard.aspx
  2. ViewScorecard.aspx: This page renders the selected scorecard and its scorecard view. You can use the Print link at the bottom of the page to print the page, it’s just a JavaScript function and can be changed as required.


What to do make below code work?

  • This solution will work only on the box where BSM Server is installed.
  • Create a folder say SCPrint
  • Copy the below code to the relevant aspx files
  • Extract the webpartscab file that can be found at Program Files\BSM2005\server to a folder named “Resources”.
  • Copy the Resources Folder to this folder (folder under which we have this solution)
  • Search for OWS.css on any m/c where share point is installed.
  • Copy OWS.css to this folder


Below section contains full code of the Browser.aspx and ViewScorecard.aspx

Visit the following link for code samples. 

Next steps

You can create report views using similar technology and wire them together to create a complete BSM experience (Scorecard talking to Report views) on an ASP.NET page.

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