Getting ready for launch. T-minus 6-days. Come back for the launch of our Atlas Insights


The preview of our Atlas Insights business intelligence app is going very well.  We are heads down cleaning up some of the remaining bugs and creating content for the launch. We will completely change how small, medium and large business track and monitor their most important private and public metrics.  We are scaling it up and scaling it out and all for the fractions of cost compared to other competitors.

Stay tuned!

Enjoy the day, Patrick

Here’s a novel idea your analytics app doesn’t have, built-in Superheros! #makebusinessgreat


I’ve been working some pretty intense hours and days putting the finishing touches on my new mobile business intelligence app called Atlas.  I’ve rethought and redeveloped this application to not only be good for business people, but to also be good for anyone that wants to follow and monitor important public data too.  It was important to make the app so easy that a regular consumer could download the app and quickly find and follow the United States GDP (gross domestic product) without any assistance or instruction.

But, what if you want to take it a little further, youwant to utilize some deep hidden super powers within the app to become a Metric Superhero.


Well, like most apps, you have to search and search or go ask a friend and hope they actually know something.  Most cases they don’t and you know I’m right.  Right within Atlas, you are one tap away from accessing the super brain behind the app.  Simple questions with simple answers will give you the superhero powers you are about to unlock.

Enjoy the afternoon, Patrick

PS.  If you want to be apart of the early preview, please message me.

Want to make an Agile Business? Deliver data that matters most. #mobilebi #analytics


It’s time to stop dreaming about how bigdata is going to find you that one nugget of gold and start putting business back on track.  Yes, that means making your business agile and deliver the data that matters most.  When you deliver data that matches the strategic direction of the business, then everyone is going in the same direction.  When you need to make a quick adjustment to the strategy, everyone will be able to see that course change and change quickly with you.

Simple right?!  Not if you are still relying on those old and lame self-service dashboards that everyone large business intelligence vendor is pushing.  Those dashboards change months later if someone is available to change them.  But most likely they are busy building other useless dashboards that no one looks at.  Don’t believe me, look at the web usage logs for those dashboards…


Atlas Insights is the only mobile and desktop app that can provide real-time access to business strategy changes through the metrics that are most important to your business.  Update the data via a spreadsheet or just tap it into your mobile device and now EVERYONE has been alerted to the update and can take action.  BOOM!  Problem solved!

Enjoy, Patrick

PS: #MakeBusinessGreatAgain using Atlas Insights.  Message me directly if you would like early access to our Preview.

Want to use your own Private Cloud database for #mobilebi?  Yes you can! #bigdata #analytics


Seriously, every BI vendor out there makes sure you run off their cloud because they want to control you.  Well, not with Atlas Insights.  You can either host all your data in our cloud instance which is easy and inexpensive, or you can acquire our enterprise license and host it in your private cloud instance.  It doesn’t matter to us because we want to provide you with the data that matter most wherever your data is.

If you want to run our solution in your cloud instance, we’ll just give you a special code that needs to be entered once in the app and it will redirect all queries to your system.  Easy as that.  Try that with another vendor and you’ll get a big fat #FAIL.

Have a great day, Patrick

PS: Message me if you want to be apart of the early preview

Notifications are important to your business and your BI tools don’t do it. Until now.


I’m telling ya, the big analytical tools providers, pick anyone you want, and their self-service business intelligence tools, do not provide notifications.  Or even if they do, it is the most complicated thing to actually integrate on a limited usuage scenario.  Besides being one tap away from the most important metrics in your business, your app needs to tell you all kinds of events surrounding a metric.

Well, wait now longer because right within Atlas you have the ability.


When you log into the app, you will be shown a notification letting you know that you have updated events since the last time you have logged in.  Tap it and you’ll get the screen above that will tell you about Invites, New Metrics added by your favorite Authors along with being notified of data updates.  Now you’ll never have an excuse not to know the numbers for your business.

Let’s make Business Productive Again through data that matter most to you and your business.

Enjoy, Patrick

Just how smart are your metrics? Probably not that much. #makebusinessgreatagain #mobilebi


Your data or the metrics that get created from them are only has good as the person that created the metric.  Well, if you have 10’s or even hundreds of people in your organization creating self-service metrics and email them around the network like crazy, I can bet those metrics are not that smart.  Why?  Because those metrics are not an agreed upon standard like strategic KPIs that are agreed upon by management.

You see, if metrics are agreed upon by a group, that means where they come front, when they get updated and the math that makes them a metric is agreed by all parties.  That is very important when you want to TRUST a number.  When a dashboard is emailed to you in a pdf, the first things that come to mind are when was the last time the data was updated and how did they come up with this.


When building my new mobile analytic app, I wanted to build TRUST right into it.  That means the metrics are SMART by using a standard Green, Yellow and Red to call attention to a number that is off.  And, by providing a threaded communication trail by the author of the metric telling you what the heck is going on!  SMART right?!

Enjoy the season, Patrick

PS: If you want to make your data SMART too, just email me and I’ll add you to the secret preview list.

How do you share business insights? I bet it is not this easy. #makebusinessgreatagain


So, you find some great insights and you want to share with another person, how do you do it?  Like most analysts, they either print to PDF and email it or they publish to the intranet dashboard that no one looks at.  Yep, that about nails it doesn’t it?

Well, in my new mobile business insights app, you’ll be able to tap the corner of the metric and share it your peers or with the world.  Your choice.  Takes 1 second and done.  Everyone has insights and is a better person because of your sharing your metrics.

Enjoy, Patrick

PS:  If you want to be a part of the preview, email me.