It’s time to go back to what is important to the business. #kpis #makebusinessgreatagain


It is not about spending several thousands, if not tens of thousands on some self-serve BI tool that will give everyone the ability to be their own data scientist.  Never mind the human capital costs of people trying to find data and make up their own insights.  Self-serve BI is just plain expensive and do you really get a valuable return on it?  I would dare to say NOT!

If you truly want to make your department or even your whole business run better, you need to focus on the performance of the business. That means monitoring strategic metrics that tell you the health of the business.  Typically, this is called a KPI or Key Performance Indicator that relates to a metric in the business that is very important.  You then find these KPIs on Scorecards which basically groups them into subjects for departments and divisions, etc.  Then once you have this, it allows you to roll up the metrics and see the overall health of the business using classic indicators like Green, Yellow and Red.

Between 2005 and 2009, this was a really HOT topic.  How do we get our business into scorecards that let’s everyone in the organization to focus on the same strategic objects?  I actually started my business, Extended Results, on being a management consultancy focused on Performance Management and Scorecards.  My first 3 years of business was nothing but scorecards and the data management behind those metrics.  I jumped in early and enjoyed the wave.   After 2009, things changed and the theme of “self-serve” and people ignored scorecards and down when the productivity of business around the world.  Yes, look up the productivity number, the federal reserve posts it and you’ll see businesses are less productive today than they were 10 years ago.  How is that even possible with all this great technology?!  Why didn’t scorecards work?  Because dashboards are the WRONG delivery platform, plain and simple.

I believe we have to go back to KPIs and Scorecards which gets the entire department and dare I say, company, back on the same page of what the strategic objectives are of the company.  But, they need to be delivered on the correct platforms that make it super easy to take a quick glance and know the business is on or off track.  Mobile is the platform to effectively deliver these important business metrics because mobile is everywhere you are and so can your business.  That’s why in my next app, I’m providing an important scorecard view right within the experience to take your business on to the go where ever you might be.

Enjoy the day, Patrick

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I bet you can’t do this with your business insights tool. Followers. #analytics #bigdata

20160816_011653000_iOS    20160816_025723000_iOS
(tap Janet and see her published metrics)

If you truly want to #makebusinessgreatagain, it starts with productivity.  Labor Productivity numbers haven’t been this bad in 35 years as according to the BLS!  I can’t blame BI and Analytics vendors for this poor number, I’m I can blame them for some of it!  Technology is supposed to enable better and faster decisions, but if you follow how the big 3 BI vendors tools work, they make you LESS productive.

I bet you don’t have followers or people you can follow in your business insights tool.  Even better, these followers or followees could have Public Metrics like from Janet Yellen or Private Metrics like Farmer John.  You know why your tools doesn’t have this feature?  Because that tool is based on the same developer, to analyst, to dashboard process that has been around for 25 years and your BI vendor just slapped a new coat of paint on it with animated lines and called it “new and improved.  Kind of like Tide laundry soap.

I have the luxury of re-thinking how decision makers actually monitor and consume metrics to make better decisions, that result in better productivity, which results in better employees, which results in more profits.  It’s a simple formula.  We all know there are knowledge experts in and outside your business.  Followers in my next generation business insights app allows you to find and follow important authors of data so that you always have the best and freshest insights whenever and wherever you are.

More to come! Patrick

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Even easier when watching tv or a movie. Try this with your data tool. #mobilebi #iphone #ipad


I’m currently doing a lot of testing to make sure usability is great and bugs are squashed. Even sitting in my favorite chair, I have all the metrics I care about on my two favorite devices.  Easy to use and easy to see, this new mobile business insights app will completely change the way you monitor and manage your favorite metrics whether for business or for personal gain.

The data that matters most to you no matter where you are, even at home.

Have a great day, Patrick

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Is it time to redefine Business Intelligence (BI)? #bigdata #analytics #makebusinessgreatagain


I believe Howard Dresner coined the term BI for Business Intelligence some time ago. I’ve used this term for probably 15 years and have thrown it around to encompass everything relating to data and getting it in the hands of business users.  Then, over the past 6 or 7 years, everything became BIG Data and Analytics. Catchy huh?  What does that really mean to a person that actually has to make a decision based on where their business is headed?

I was recently reading an article on the pitfalls of bi and it really made me THINK about purpose of the term BI.   If you have read any of my posts over the past 10+ years, you know that I am all about business performance and really trying to get the whole organization focused on specific business objects that are measurable.  When you have people focused on the same Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), then you have the whole department locked in on the same goals all moving towards the end-zone.

I think the issue with calling everything BIG DATA or Analytics is that it really means so many things to so many people.  What does that result in?  Yep, you guessed it, everyone creating their own playbook and running in different directions on the field.  That is no way to win the super bowl, just ask any NFL coach.

We need to go back to KPIs and Scorecards!


Oh, I know a bunch of you just rolled your eyes, but deep down, you know that I am right.  You just spent $50,000 or maybe even $100,000 or maybe even more (sucker) on a self-serve tool from one the big vendors because the sales person sold you some magic words “that if you buy my tool, you’ll find some insights you never knew before that will make you money.”  Hahahahahah.  Dude, you just been had…  I’m sorry to tell you that. The only person that is going to make any money is that sales person on their commission.

Here’s the deal, ask ANY leader in your company which metrics are important to them and I bet they may say about 7 to 10 metrics and they are known metrics that have been around for years.  Yep, that is it.  Why?  Because that is the heartbeat of the business that is important to them and their department.  Also, the best thing about defining and labeling your KPIs is that your business logic is contained in that metric that everyone can now trust the source.  Try to do that with some random bar chart someone created in a self-serve analytic tool.

Seriously, we have to get serious and do the right thing for the business and not your career about being a so called data scientist.  I think it is time to put all these cool new terms and animated bar charts into their appropriate buckets and get back to making businesses great again.

Business intelligence concept man pressing selecting BI
credit: ThinkStock

Oh yeah, what do you think we should rename business intelligence tool?  Are businesses intelligent?  The people are, but not the business.  I believe we should call this “Business Insights“.  Because, at the end of the day, that is what we are trying to do as professionals, we’re trying to provide Business Insights to decision makers in the company so they can make the right decisions going forward.

Enjoy the day, Patrick

I win! I can support Windows 10, Android, iPhone/iPad and MAC! Analytics done right. #mobilebi


You may have a good idea in your head that YOU think is a good idea. But it really isn’t validated until you take a potential customer or two through it to see if they would ACTUALLY use it.   Remember, it is important to sell a customer or two even before you finish your app.  This week I was able to take two customers through the solution with both saying “this is excellent, can’t wait to start using it, this is exactly what we needed”.

I’ve been building reporting and dashboard solutions for nearly 15 years and realized that these solutions haven’t changed in nearly 30 years.  Sure, there are some pretty charts and interactive lines on the charts, but they do the same thing every time.  You need a team of 5 to 25 just to build, deploy and maintain the solution.   What if you could take that to 1 or 2 people?

My goal?  To completely change how you get data into the solution and how quickly you can gain insights on the performance of your business, all the while, reducing the cost of development and maintenance by 80%!!!   Remember, software is only 5% of the cost of your reporting solution, the other 95% is people.

My app is a total game changer for monitoring business insights.  Don’t get left behind.


Business Insights from your phone. You can do it all without a staff of 20 #bigdata #analytics


Yeah, that’s right. When you’re trying to deliver business insights to hundreds of employees via their mobile devices, how many people does it take to define the data and create the data sources?  5, 10 or even 20?  I would guess more than 10.  Why is that?  Because the big business intelligence companies are still building and creating solutions the old way, that’s why.

You have to get so many people involved to define what a metric is, where the metric is, what is the security around the metric, what devices do people have, how do we get the data out to people, how do people want to look at the metric, how often do they look at the metric, what vendor do we use, what feature do we need, how often does the data refresh, blah blah blah.  Why?!  Because people who are going to go get the data and present it to the business people don’t understand the data like the business people do.  Boy, only 5% of the cost of a business insights solution is software, the other 95% is people running around trying to look busy.

Why not just create it from your iPhone or Android phone with just a couple taps on the screen?  Heck, we even allow you to connect to your spreadsheets located in the cloud drives like Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive and pull that data in and distribution to as many people that are in your company.  And how long does that take?  Well, probably minutes.

Seriously, it can be that easy. The business people already have the data in a spreadsheet or a database, why not just connect it, apply security and done?!  Okay, that took 10 minutes and now hundreds of people have access to the same data as me.

Have fun digging data, Patrick

Bet you can’t do this with your dashboard tool. SEARCH! #bigdata #analytics #mobilebi


Can you actually search your collection of metric assets and bring back just the metrics you really want to see with minimal effort?  Yeah, that’s right. Dashboards are basically hardcoded business logic that is stored somewhere where you have to find it.  Then times that by 100 and that is the number of dashboards you have to search through to actually find the information you need at a moments notice.

As we spend our time building a mobile business insights app that every business decision maker would use and use everyday, one of the most important features we could add is search.  Just think about Google.  You need information, just type it in and whola, your results are shown in seconds.


Well, business insights should be just as easy.  Type in what you are looking for like Real Estate and we’ll bring by every metric tile and chart that the system knows about.  Do you like one that you see, you can either follow this metric or even pin it as a favorite so that you can get to it even quicker.  I guarantee you will not find a quicker way to get to your most important metrics faster than this.


Just think about it, for 30 years’ dashboards and reports have been done the same.  Yes, 30 years.  And, all that the current analytics providers are providing is more of the same but with new interactive charts.  Wow…  And some people call this innovation.   My belief is that if you are going to innovate, you need to start from scratch and design a new system that totally blows away the competition.  I believe we have done just that.

Enjoy your day, Patrick