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WorkPlace for Mobile now available on the Android Marketplace

We submitted all our new mobile clients and they are now being activated by the different mobile app marketplaces.  Looks like Android is the 1st to approve the application.  Download it and take it for a spin.

Android Download:


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WorkPlace for Mobile – Taking Your “WHOLE” Business Mobile

The real value behind WorkPlace for Mobile is its ability to take all your enterprise web applications mobile instantly.  Want to have access to that ERP solution no matter if you are using a smartphone or a media tablet? Want access to your corporate web portals?  Want instant access to your reporting solution?  Sure, WorkPlace for Mobile can do that.

Using our WorkPlace Edge Server, we can provide secure and encrypted access to your enterprise using the security models and systems you already have in place.  Why introduce a new security solution when you should leverage what you already have.  WorkPlace for Mobile will just integrate in.


WorkPlace for Mobile is SMART too. If you are the CFO of the company, you get just the applications and content that you need to have access too.  If you are the marketing manager, you will get just the applications and content that you need access too.   WorkPlace for Mobile has roaming employee profiles so that you can deliver the right applications and tools to your employees so they don’t have to go hunting around for them.


Having that kind of access, you can now Take Your Business Mobile on any mobile device.  Want to get access to your ADP solutions?  Want to get access to your NetSuite solution?  WorkPlace for Mobile can provide Instant access to your enterprise applications no matter where your employees may be working.  You have already written the applications, WorkPlace for Mobile can help you deliver them.


Just imagine the possibilities having your enterprise applications instantly available to your employees no matter where they are located.  They could be in another part of the building, a conference room, a local coffee shop or on a business trip to New York.  No matter where they are, they can have their business in the palm of their hands.

Want to take WorkPlace for Mobile for a test run in your company?   Check out our product web site at and contact us for more information.



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WorkPlace for Mobile – Your Mobile #Microsoft and #Google Office Solution

I think we all know how frustrating it can be when you are remotely away from your laptop or the office and you don’t have access to critical documents either on your computer or within the portal like SharePoint.   We found that using one of the cloud document storage sites like Google Docs, SkyDrive or SharePoint, you can provide mobile access to business documents no matter where you are located utilizing WorkPlace for Mobile.   The best part about it is WorkPlace for Mobile is available on all major mobile device platforms too! 

WorkPlace for Mobile really can help unlock the potential of your employees no matter where they may be located.  Imagine being able to access your company portal to access project documents with just a touch or two.





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What is Your WorkPlace? I mean, your “Mobile” WorkPlace

imageWe are launching a new product called WorkPlace for Mobile that is an extension of our WorkPlace product line.  If you have seen WorkPlace for Outlook and WorkPlace for Excel you have a general idea of what a WorkPlace is.  It is a productivity solution that gets you to your applications and data faster than you previously could.    Basically saving a typical end-user about an hour a day, 52 weeks out of the year.  Both WorkPlace solutions for Outlook and Excel have just amazing ROI case studies.

So what is WorkPlace for Mobile?   WorkPlace for Mobile is your ability to take your business applications and data with you.  You see, we spend our day sitting in front of our computers where we have access to all our applications and data.  We can make decisions quickly and effectively when we have our solutions right in front of us.


But what do we do when we want to leave that desktop or laptop computer behind?   We do what everyone else does.  We grab our mobile phones and we are off to whatever we need to do next.  But what happens when you are cornered in the hall, or get a call when you are at the airport or even sitting at the local coffee shop.  How do you stay connected? How do you stay informed?  How are you alerted?  How do you make a decision?  Just email?  That is not enough in todays rapid business world.


Wouldn’t it be great to have all your business applications and data with you?   That is what WorkPlace for Mobile does best!   WorkPlace for Mobile is the ONLY mobile solution that can help take your business mobile on ANY Smart Phone or Media Tablet device.   Turn it on and there are your business applications and data!   And best of all, you don’t have to develop Apps for your Apps!   Install the WorkPlace for Mobile application and touch and there are your business applications.  Sure, you need to configure that part through I.T., but once that is done quickly, you are off and running with all your business and data application MOBILE!

Your New WorkPlace

How many business applications do you have access to?  How many reporting solutions does your company have?  How many company portal pages do you have access to?  Think about it.  I bet they are over 100+, maybe in the thousands.   Are you really going to setup all those icons on your mobile device?   And do that for every employee?   Heck, even our built-in mobile business intelligence applications delivers a CNBC experience.  One touch and you immediately know what is happening inside your business.


WorkPlace for Mobile delivers all that with just one touch.  It knows who you are within your company and what company applications and shortcuts you have access to.  Put one application on your mobile device and your entire business will come straight through it.

Check out WorkPlace for Mobile at for more information and try it for yourself.   You will not be disappointed. 

Patrick Husting
Extended Results, Inc.

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Do you want to play Angry Birds with your Business Intelligence data? #angrybirds #bi #analytics

I’m sure I’ll get a few rocks thrown my way on this posting, but I wanted to express some thoughts about the current crop of business intelligence tools whether they are desktop or mobile based.   When we are focused on scorecard and dashboard solutions, we are creating KPIs and dashboards for individuals or groups of decision makers.  We focused on KPIs for individuals because nearly 90% of my end-users were always in monitor mode.  I think the best way to think of it is when you turn on CNBC or Bloomberg, within 15 seconds, you know everything you need to know.   That is truly an effective business intelligence solution.

When I look at all the cute interactive charting solutions or several of the new mobile business intelligence solutions, where they are saying BI for everyone, I really think they are creating an Angry Birds for business intelligence interface. (see sample below) Don’t misunderstand me, Angry Birds is a great game for relaxing and having some fun, but when it comes to understanding your business, there’s little fun in trying to play with data to get to the important insights.


Have we truly forgotten the classic business intelligence pyramid where 95% of your users are the “monitor” type and the 5% remaining are “Analyst”?  Did we forget that the Analysts are power users and do that analysis work during the day at their laptops with powerful software clients for that extreme drill down and drill across functionality?   Really?  Did we forget that?   Don’t get me wrong, I love a good graphical interface that is clean and appropriate for my business use.  But we can also clutter up the screen and make it blurry for the end-user to a point where they will not use it too.   When I look at all the interactive mobile business intelligence applications, from a sales person position, they have a lot of eye candy.  But I dare you to use it more than 2 weeks to run your business and then see how they perform.

Again, I go back to CNBC and Bloomberg.   Within 15 seconds, what you need to know, you know!   NO business decision maker is going to spend the time pinching and zooming and swiping and holding and blah blah blah.   I think we got SO excited about the technology and forgot how a REAL business user is going to use these solutions.  Again, a true Analyst will not be doing this on a media tablet.  They’ll be on their laptops.

I think we need to go back to real Performance Management solutions that give you the “Power to Know” in under 15 seconds.  If it doesn’t, I think it is time to rethink or replace what you have.

I look forward to comments

Enjoy, Patrick

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Taking your Documents Mobile with @Google and @Microsoft

imageGoogle is rolling out pivot tables in Google spreadsheets. Pivot tables make it easy to process and summarize large data sets in seconds.  We have been using Google Doc’s within our WorkPlace solution.  You see, by centralizing our documents into a cloud storage like Google Docs or Microsoft Skydrive, you can have all your documents using our WorkPlace products like WorkPlace for Outlook and WorkPlace for Mobile and soon WorkPlace for Windows.  We can do the same with Microsoft Web Office, but it doesn’t always render correctly on all the mobile devices.

So no matter where I go, I have my business with me using WorkPlace.  Check out the video below for a look at how pivot tables work in Google spreadsheets:



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