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Announcing RadicalVR a new consulting firm focused solely on the next generation of Virtual Reality technologies.


Nearly 10 years ago, I started Extended Results that was a business intelligence consulting firm that had a razor sharp focus on the need for high-end services and software solutions.  This was important because business intelligence was buried deep within I.T. or large consulting companies.  Extended Results was the foremost leader in creating amazing visual business intelligence solutions and experiences.  After a successful exit to TIBCO Software, I got a chance to re-group and re-think about WHAT’S NEXT.  I’ve been fortunate to capitalize on the PC movement in the early 90’s, the Internet in 2000 and mobile devices in 2013.  But what is going to dominate the next 10 years?

Virtual Reality Anywhere

Well, I’m sure you have been hearing and reading all the fantastic news about Virtual Reality from Oculus, Value Software SteamVR, Samsung Gear VR, Microsoft Hololens, HTC vive and many others.

I believe Virtual Reality is going to be the next big fundamental movement in technologies over the next 5 to 10 years. There are numerous companies building hardware and software for virtual reality today.  Billions of dollars of investments are rolling into companies around the United States.  If you are a business today, virtual reality technologies will affect your business like no other technologies have in the past.  You will either accept it or be left behind.  It is just a matter of fact.  But where do you start?

Oculus SDK

I’m excited to announce the first of a kind consulting services and solution firm focused solely on the Virtual Reality experience.  RadicalVR will help companies envision their business strategies, model experiences and build realistic software using the latest innovations from best-in-class hardware and software companies.

At our core we believe the following

Innovation is at the core of our business. We have recognized that Virtual Reality is finally coming of age and that there is a need for a company that can help your business strategize and prepare for the fundamental changes your business will experience. VR will change your business whether you believe it or not and it is coming fast. No company is prepared, but RadicalVR can help you lead while others follow.

From within RadicalVR, our team is focused on providing best consulting services and software solutions that businesses will need to advance quickly into this futuristic technology. We are partnering with leaders in the VR industry to stay on top of what is important and what might be a gimmick so that your business is well prepared.


Watch us, follow us or join us.  This is going to be like no other venture you have experienced before.  You can find out more at my new web site

Enjoy!  Patrick

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Free Gauge Control: This app works in: Excel 2013 or later, Excel Online.


This is pretty cool, worth downloading if you use Excel a lot.  The Gauge app creates gauge (or speedometer) visualizations in your Excel workbook. Use it to quickly get an understanding of your data and if it’s “in the red”.


  • Stunning and customizable Gauge charts
  • Fast and fluid performance

Download Gauge from Microsoft

Enjoy, Patrick

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U.S. seen adding 230,000 jobs in January

The jobs report came out very positive the other week saying over 230 jobs added in January.  But I don’t think part-time jobs should count… Gallup CEO, Jim Clifton came out and discounted the results right away.  Basically calling the jobs number very misleading.  Good for him.

My previous company did a lot of analytics for Gallup and I trust my numbers than the government….

Looks like Marketwatch is using Microsoft Excel!


Enjoy, Patrick


Mapping UFO Sightings in the Western United States with Microsoft Power Map and Excel.


Well, it’s Friday again and it is always fun to take different datasets and see what we can do with them.  This time I found a database of UFO sightings from the National UFO Reporting Center ( 

I used Microsoft Excel 2013 and the Power Query add-in to pull in data from the UFO database.  I selected the western states because I didn’t want to spend all the time setting up the queries even though it is just a cut and paste of a URL.


Once the data was imported, I could quickly insert a Power Map via Excel.  Since I’m dealing with UFO’s, I thought it would be best to create a dark theme.


Let’s remove the Excel shell so we can just look at the map at night.


Let’s drill down a little more into the Seattle area where I live.  I live in a city called Sammamish and sure enough, someone right near me reported seeing a UFO!


Let’s pull back and show a heatmap with the density’s of reports.  That reflects where the concentrations are.


I’m going to have to pull all the data and map the rest of the United States later.  This was pretty insightful.

Enjoy, Patrick

PS:  Email me any questions you may have.

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Using Microsoft Azure Sentiment on #SpaceX with Excel PowerQuery and @PlusOneSocial


Measuring and analyzing sentiment for social media can be tough.  Oh sure, you can pay several thousand dollars a month for one of the big social services providers, but who has that budget?  Well, using Microsoft Excel 2013 Power Query and  The Azure Marketplace function for sentiment, I was able to apply big budget machine learning algorithms for nearly NOTHING!  Smile   How did I do it, just follow along.

First, I used PlusOneSocial to pull my topical tweet data.  You can use it FREE for under 10,000 tweets.  Just type in your keywords and you’re off and running.


I used Microsoft Excel 2013 with Power Query installed to pull data from the PlusOneSocial database.  I then used the Azure Marketplace and added the Bing Machine Learning Sentiment function.


Within Power Query, I edited the query and included a custom column to call the Sentiment Score function.


Then I just plotted my results!  1 is Positive, 0 is Neutral and –1 is Negative


So for less than your Starbucks coffee habit for the month, I have a full blown Social Media Analyze platform on my desktop without some annoying sales person calling me, fixed length contracts and spending thousands a dollars a month.  And, with Microsoft Power BI, I’m not limited to what someone else thinks I should see.

Enjoy, Patrick

PS: Contact me if you have questions.


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