We are Cranking it OUT on Windows 8! We Found GOLD!

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We got a lot of press from TechCrunch, Geekwire, and NeoWin about the success of our launch of PUSHBI in the Windows 8 marketplace.  I thought I would give you an update since it has been a total of 10 weeks now.

With our PUSHBI for Windows 8, we are doing GREAT with Windows 8! Since the launch of our title, we have had over 7,653 downloads. That is not too bad for an Enterprise business application. We have added an extra download an hour since the 1st update 5 weeks ago.  We are picking up more downloads.

10 weeks since launch

7 days a week

24 hours in a day

1680 hours total

2/3’s are U.S. DLs

4.5 downloads per hour!

Since I published the last posting 5 weeks ago, we averaged about 20 new leads a week.  Well, that really changed and we get about 35 to 50 new leads a week.

Again, we are selling enterprise business software so just a few good leads a day is great.  And our pipeline is in the 8 digit range now.  Sweet.

I just have to say it.

With Windows 8, we’re doing Great!

Again, thank you Microsoft and the Windows 8 team!

Extended Results, Inc.

PS:  I didn’t count the week of Christmas as people should have been unplugged from business…


One thought on “We are Cranking it OUT on Windows 8! We Found GOLD!

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